Let’s be real—we’re all easing into the shift from wearing pyjama’s 24/7 to um … “real” clothing. Which now feels like formal wear, right? Like putting on full makeup, a head-to-toe look, and flip floos? What. The thought going through our head: *must carve out an extra 20 minutes to get back in the swing of this process.* It’s almost like we have to retrain our mind when it comes to getting ready for brunch/lunch/dinner plans with our friends.

Luckily, thanks to Uzurii, we can take one stressor off your plate. These flip flops—no joke—are the only flip flops you need this summer. The brand Uzurii makes flip flops in many colors.

“Like most people, I’ve been living in slides or sneakers the past year. I didn’t really have the need to wear a good pair of beautiful sandals. So transiting from my staple footwear to flip flops and sneaks all day, every day, during quarantine was new for me. Fast forward to present day, and I’m now resetting my style mindset again, but this time back to where it was pre-pandemic. Wearing the flip flops the past two weeks was just the motivation I needed to feel 100% ON with my shoe game again.

Not only are they super beautiful , but they’re also crazy comfortable. I walked to and from my friend’s place and came home blister-free and without any discomfor. This is my fair warning to all my friends—get used to seeing my feet in these gorgeous handmade flip flops because I’ll be wearing them all summer.

We’re giving you two brunch options because we know you know, the outfit selection all depends on how you feel when you wake up in the morning. You can go with an on-trend slinky mini dress paired with the neutral flip flops or lean on the chiller side with a stylish matching set.


Casual Lunch
Tailored trousers styled with a crop top (or bodysuit dependingf on your preference) never fails. It’s all about balance here—pairing a sexier top with pants makes for such a chic combo. Add your new Uzurii flip flops and you’re all set.

Evolevo brunch

Style the flip flops with a very Y2K-inspired look. Low-rise skirt and a body-con top—it screams club night in the early ’00s.

There’s our proof. The Uzurii flip flops work with any outfit, no matter the occasion. Shop the covetable style here.